Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing the best unofficial World of Warcraft servers together. Game Freedom allows all the players to choose from various private servers that offer different expansions and gameplay types. 

Many of you have seen the rise and fall of many servers that ought to be great, but after some time, corruption and meaningless fights reduced them to ashes. This is something that we are aware of and we want to change it, either by helping them, or by cooperating with the right people to create a server that you want.

Answering the call of many World of Warcraft fans across the world, we want to create a community that will be assured that their voice matters, because your words don’t fall deaf into our ears. 

We bring the original versions of your favorite game, with tweaks and changes that the players wanted and advocated for. This is a testament of our commitment to make the game you want, without unwanted ideas that need to go through the corporate system that strips the game from its soul, that we all fell in love with.

All servers under Game Freedom brand can count on us regarding help with development, sustainability, marketing, technicalities. The heart of private servers, the core, is shared between all our projects, making the development faster and easier, by connecting all the most talented people under one brand, but different servers that have full autonomy, while also offering some of features unique to Game Freedom.

We want you to spread your wings and voice your opinion and all that matters to you, because it matters to us.

We want you to build Game Freedom and be a part of a project to make World of Warcraft better, because the most specialized person that knows what World of Warcraft needs, is you. 

Our Partners